Team Schedule

Program History

Eden High School has had a wrestling team sporadically here & there through the years of its existence. Most of those years it was coached by volunteers from outside of the school, and it did not often have a team in successive years. In 2005, Calvin Arnt was transferred to Eden as a teacher, having coached previously at other schools he worked at. Additionally, Mr. Arnt wrestled himself years ago in British Columbia when he attended high school. He took over the coaching of the team, helping many students over the years to learn & love wrestling. He was assisted some of those years by outside coaches who came in, and this helped to improve the team even more. In the first few years, the school was shared with Lakeport Secondary, so several Lakeport wrestlers were on a combined team. In the 2016/2017 season, Mr. Arnt began receiving regular, high quality assistance from Mr. Kekoo Gatta. Coach Gatta has immersed his life around wrestling from the time he was in school to this very day. Three days a week, he runs an outside club for wrestling called the Brock Junior Badgers. Two evenings a week he runs a wrestling club for elementary and middle school kids who want to develop skills early & be ready for high school. With this two-coach approach, Eden has grown & improved greatly in wrestling and we look forward to more success in the future.

Regular Practice Schedule (this may change at times of the year).

  1. Eden Team: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - 3:00-4:30pm.

  2. Brock Juniors: Monday, Wednesday - 7:00-9:00pm Thorold Secondary School, Saturday noon-1:00pm Evolve Gym 325 Welland Ave, St. Catharines.

  3. Elementary/Middle School Programme held at Eden: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm.

2016/2017 Results

OFSAA Qualifiers: Jordan Wylie, Faith Modridge.

2017/2018 Team

Mr. C. Arnt, Coach.
Mr. K. Gatta, Coach.



Alumni Section

Alumni of the Eden or Lakeport wrestling teams, we want stay in touch with you, for a few reasons. First & foremost, we shared good times together and have many common memories we can laugh about; let's do that! Secondly, there are opportunities for you to stay connected to the sport, even though you are graduated and are working on your career now. You still love wrestling, and this is why you were on the team for so long. You can continue that by supporting our wrestling initiatives here. There are a few ways to help, if you are interested.

  • You can help coach any of our school team practices; see the practice schedule above, or the calendar.

  • You can help coach our team at tournaments; see the calendar above.

  • You can help Coach Gatta with his elementary & middle school programme that is run here @ Eden; see practice schedule above.

  • You can help Coach Gatta coach the Junior Badgers team; see practice schedule above.

  • You can help us set up/tear down the Eden tournament that we host every year; see calendar above.

If you help out the team as an Alumni, you get a neat shiny pin that identifies you as an alumni of the team, and you can wear this on your lapel with pride! If you are interested in doing any of this, contact one or both of the coaches listed at the bottom of this page.