Our primary objective of Eden Athletics is to offer a wide-ranging, educational experience, which will provide for the development of the whole person; spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. The athletic extra-curricular activities are designed to complement the educational experiences of Eden High School and provide a framework to develop each students further potential, both as an individual and as a responsible citizen who models the exceptional standards of the Eden school community. 

student-athlete expectations

  1. Be the student-athlete you would want on your team.

  2. Play for the purpose of enjoying the sport.

  3. Put forth your best effort and do what is best for the team.

  4. Be humble when winning and graceful when learning.

  5. Be fair at all times, no matter the outcome.

  6. Be respectful and play in accordance to the rules.

  7. Accept the decision of the officials gracefully without protest.

  8. Treat visiting team and spectators as guests, both welcome and respected.

  9. Recognize and applaud the efforts of your teammates and opponents regardless of colour, creed, or race.